Martabak Manis

Martabak manis or Indonesian pancake is a very famous dish. You can find easily this snack in Indonesia. Almost people like very much this food. The texture is very good and soft like bika Ambon Snack. it tastes very delicious! that's why many martabak stalls sell this snack  at a high price and they become rich quickly.


Now, how about you? Feel tired? Stress? Probably there are a lot of recipes and ways you have tried to make martabak. You have tried so many time, but you have always failed. You don't know exactly what caused the failures. Or you have succeeded to make sweet martabak, but still not perfect. Outer skin is so thick, chewy, hard and there are many holes and white spot. It feels soft if still warm Only. The texture is not good. Crust sticked to the pan, etc.


at Baking solution intrepreneur's baking course, we guarantee you're going to master to make high quality sweet martabak only in two days. the perfect sweet martabak. We'll show you  the common problems in making martabak manis and how to solve them. After attended the course, if you still have questions, You may ask any time.



                                                      Course fee : Rp. 50 juta in 7 hours (two days)

Martabak Manis

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